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Bring the Fresh

Product Reviewed: Bring the Fresh
Trial Available: Yes
( ** Time Sensitive: $7 Trial Currently Available - CLICK HERE ** )
Creator: Mike Long & Kelly Felix
Product Type: Membership – One Time Payment

SEO Made EasyDo you want a path that you can follow to make money online? In this Bring the Fresh review I am going to provide you with the inside scoop on what this system is all about, a background on the people behind it, results others are having, what you get when you join and whether this is the real deal. If you would like to visit the website, you can do so by clicking here.

What Is Bring the Fresh?

Inside The Members AreaThe first time I ever saw the site homepage, it struck me how different it looked to all the ‘hype-filled’ programs and courses that are currently out there. People could be forgiven for initially thinking this was a site about growing fresh tomatoes in the sunshine. What it actually is, though, is a step-by-step system that is designed to show you exactly how to make money online and it’s backed by two well known names in the industry. Allow me to introduce you to these two guys ( they are pretty cool ).

Click Here to Visit Bring the Fresh

Mike Long at Bring the Fresh

Have you ever heard of a Pick Up Artist ( PUA ) called Mystery? Well, I had because I started reading “The Game” by Neil Strauss ( still got to finish that ), so it was already a name I was familiar with. Mike partnered up with Mystery, who sells a program called “The Mystery Method”, which essentially teaches guys who are scared to approach girls, how to be successful with them.

Mike has had great success in this niche and has made in excess of a million dollars online. He’s also struck it big in other niches including gaming and internet marketing. I don’t know Mike’s personal figure but between him and Kelly Felix, they have made 20 million dollars online. Yeah, they know what they are doing for sure.

Mike Long is a really energetic, talkative and friendly guy who is inspiring to listen to. From watching him in action, I’d call him a ‘glass is half full’ kinda guy, but he backs that up with the undeniable truth that he knows how to make serious money on the internet. The cool thing is he wants to show you how to do the same.

Kelly Felix at Bring the Fresh

Do you remember a program called ”The Rich Jerk”? I know I do. Back then I hadn’t made a great deal of money online and I didn’t really see the funny side of a character telling me how much richer he was than me. Of course, back then nobody ( or very few people )actually knew that Kelly Felix was the man behind the Rich Jerk.

I also didn’t realise that Kelly had originally set up Rich Jerk to make fun of all the gurus out there, whilst also delivering a solid program. Kelly was having a bit of fun whilst educating people and there’s no harm in that. Unfortunately he also got sucked into that life and was hanging out with marketers that were just about the money. That kind of thing rubs off on you after a while and Kelly didn’t like the way things were going, so he sold out of The Rich Jerk to pursue something more fulfilling, where he could be himself and help others without a conflicting persona to contend with. Fast forward a little and Bring the Fresh was born.

From listening to and watching Kelly, it’s clear he likes the detail of things and is comfortable talking about all the technical stuff. I like the fact that Mike and Kelly have distinctly different personalities whilst also sharing a common goal, which is to help others make money online with the Bring the Fresh system.

Remember, these two guys are serious players in the industry and they know how to make millions of dollars online.

Bring the Fresh Membership

One thing that was hugely important to Mike & Kelly and that was making sure the pricing of the membership was transparent and affordable for anyone that wants to seriously learn how to make money online.

Essentially there are two levels of membership available and they are Basic and Full Disclosure. Before I tell you about what you get in each, let me tell you about their forum which is absolutely buzzing.

Vibrant Community – Bring the Fresh Forum

All members get access to the forum, which contains a wealth of information, support and advice from fellow members that are following and having success with Bring the Fresh. You know when you join some programs, they say they have a forum, yet when you get inside it’s like a ghost town with the last post made months ago? I mean, in those forums you can imagine tumbleweed drifting past you as you login.

Well, with Bring the Fresh it’s the EXACT opposite inside their forum. One thing I really liked about the forum is how Mike & Kelly personally respond to other members. I lost count of the posts I read where either Mike or Kelly had dispensed their advice. I mean are you kidding me? Even Basic members are getting advice from two guys who between them have made 20 million dollars online. That is invaluable advice and it shows they really care.

It would have been easy for guys with their firepower to hire a few moderators to oversee the forum whilst they went out to play golf or whatever it is online millionaires like to do these days, but that’s not why they created Bring the Fresh. They enjoy being part of the community actually helping their members to succeed.

Does Bring the Fresh Really Work?

Update: I have very exciting news for you. I setup a simple website using the Bring the Fresh methods on the 1st July. It took me just over an hour to set it all up. 18 days later it has already made its first sale. Check out the proof screenshot below:

Bring the Fresh Income ProofI fully expect that the sales will start coming in more regularly as the site gains authority. All of this was done without paying out any money for paid advertising or any other form of paid advertising. If I can make a sale in 18 days from scratch using Bring The Fresh methods, then you most certainly can.

Click Here to Visit Bring the Fresh

This is a question I was asking myself when I first looked at this membership training program. To answer this question, you only need to login to the forum once you are a member to see what success others are having. At the website Kelly Felix also shows you proof of how he makes money with this system, it will make a few lightbulbs go off in your head as well as confirm this stuff works, so I recommend you watch it.

Check out this screenshot inside the members forum.

That’s 173 topics and 2040 posts by members!

I’m going to login now and take three random success story snippets to give you an idea of what others are achieving.

Just two days ago, one of my sites hit #1 on Google - Frank

All I can say is if you follow the guidelines Bring the Fresh Works! I went from literally almost no traffic to over 12,000 visitors per month - James

My first sale $500 in my first 30 Days in Affiliate Marketing and Internet Marketing - Tony G

Woah, I had to force myself to come back out of the forum to finish this report. There are so many success stories and interesting posts inside the forum. To me it’s a massive part of Bring the Fresh and adds a new dimension to the overall membership. There’s a really nice, supportive community feel inside as well. A great place to visit when you are a member, just make sure you also take action as well.

Basic Membership

As a Basic member you get all the training you need to succeed. Obviously you get access to the forum which adds huge value to the membership. On the left hand side once you login as a member there’s a navigation panel with latest news, link to the forum, road map and then we get to the training.

Fast Start Guide - This is a PDF guide which is clearly written. It shows you what steps you need to follow in order to setup websites which are not only going to outrank most or all of your competitors, but also how to do it all properly. As you’d expect, there’s not a lot of fluff in there.

Fast Start Videos – This is a series of videos by Mike Long and Kelly Felix which will help you get up and running quickly. They show you everything from researching a market to choosing the right offers and building your website from scratch. They also show you other key steps which many other programs simply miss out, such as where to get quality content and other tips and tricks I’ve not seen anywhere else.

In addition to this there is a cool bonus video I can’t tell you about in this Bring the Fresh review, but Mike Long shows you how to dominate the rankings with this method. They also show you behind the scenes and give you access to core interviews as well. You can join as a Basic Member for just $97 which is lifetime membership. Where else can you tap into the minds of online millionaires and also get access to a proven training program like this for such a low one-time investment?

Click Here for Basic Membership

( ** Time Sensitive: $7 Trial Currently Available - CLICK HERE ** )

Full Disclosure Membership – Bring The Fresh

As a full disclosure member, you get everything that Basic Members get access to and a lot more advanced stuff as well. As a Full Disclosure member, Mike & Felix take you by the hand and to the next level where you learn about even more cool stuff that can make you even more money. I’ve got to be careful with how much I say here, but basically they are letting you in on the inner workings of their business which has made them millions of dollars.

On the inside as a Full Disclosure member you become privvy to private client case studies, sites that are ranking in only a few days using their SEO strategies, the secrets behind conversion, what went on behind the scenes of a $14 million dollar day and other 7 figure businesses. So as you can see, this is for people that want to take things to another level altogether and have the inside knowledge you require to make yourself truly wealthy. There’s no other way to put it really.

Full disclosure membership upgrades are only available to you once you have become a Basic member for $97, at which point you can optionally upgrade. Full Disclosure Membership is $402 spread out over 6 months ($67/month).

Click Here to Visit Bring the Fresh

The Pros

* The Bring the Fresh system will show you how to setup profitable websites that require very little ongoing maintenance, which will drive free traffic and create passive income streams that don’t have to be micro-managed.

* The Fast Start Guide will help you get up and running quickly. This is backed up by further Fast Start Videos and access to a forum where you can post questions that will be answered by other members or Kelly & Mike.

* There is the option to upgrade to Full Disclosure member status which will give you more advanced insights and strategies into building your online business.

* Real examples of profitable websites are provided by Kelly & Mike so you’ll be able to see exactly what a cash generative website looks like and how you can do the same.

* The Videos inside the members area give you a ‘watch over the shoulder’ insight into how a millionaire thinks and puts everything together which is priceless.

* With countless success stories in the forum, there are a lot of members enjoying success with what is being taught at Bring The Fresh.

The Cons

*  Mike & Kelly have a conversational and free-flowing style which I personally enjoy. This means that some of the videos are quite long or at least longer than they would be if they were reading off a sheet or script. It’s still worth watching them all the way through as there are gold nuggets in there even if you think you already know everything about the strategy or topic they are discussing.

* You’ll still need to build or outsource website building, so there is a small learning curve to go through before you make money. Again, this is something I enjoyed and it doesn’t take long to see results. You can always outsource this at a later date once you clearly understand the system.

* Upgrading to Full Disclosure status requires further investment, but that is offset by the fact that it truly is an investment in your online education and you are getting access to more advanced strategies and business insights.

Bring the Fresh Review – Conclusion

If you’ve been looking for a program online that shows you exactly how to make money online without going two steps forward and one step back, then Bring the Fresh seriously delivers. It’s run by two cool guys that are also serious players in the industry. Between them they have made millions of dollars online and in Bring the Fresh they are giving you the blueprint to be successful yourself.

The forum is a great place to get extra advice and motivation as well as help others inside. It’s really cool that Mike & Kelly contribute regularly in the Bring the Fresh forum as well. Both memberships are filled with step-by-step actionable advice that will get you results.

What I recommend you do if you are on a budget or just starting out is to go for the Basic Membership as that will give you everything you need to get started making money online. You can do really well and become successful online with this membership, which is amazing value at just $97 for lifetime membership. For those with a higher budget who also want access to more advanced materials and further training including SEO and the inner workings of 7 figure businesses, strongly consider upgrading to the Full Disclosure membership, it’s more than worth it and represents a solid investment in the future of your online business you’ll be able to refer to as you progress.

Click Here to Visit Bring the Fresh

Order Now And You Will Receive the Following Bonuses That Shows You How To
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Bonus #1

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Bonus #2 – Website Appraisal ( $500 Value )

Once you’ve joined Bring The Fresh, before you create your first website, you can contact me with all the details before you start building and I’ll review them to make sure you are on track for a profitable website. Alternatively you can build everything and I’ll critique it for you once it is completed and uploaded to the web. I have years of experience doing this so you are in safe hands.

To Claim Your Bring The Fresh Bonus Follow These Easy Steps:

STEP 1 – Join Bring the Fresh at THIS LINK.

STEP 2 – Please forward your Clickbank receipt number at
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STEP 3 – Wait for my reply. I’ll get back to you within 24 hours with your bonus.


Dean James

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3 Responses to Bring The Fresh Review, Mike Long, Kelly Felix

  1. David Potter says:

    Bring the Fresh sounds awesome! Nice review Dean.

  2. Frank says:

    Hey Dean, is Full Disclosure worth it? Is the $97 membership enough to begin with? Thx Frank

  3. Dean says:

    @David – Thanks man.

    @Frank – Yes it’s worth it but the $97 membership is more than enough to get you up and running making good money. Use your profits from the websites you have made to upgrade at a later date. In other words re-invest your profits to make even more money. Make sense? :)