Bring The Fresh 2012 Review – The Biggest Ever WSO?

Bring The Fresh 2012

Product Reviewed: Bring the Fresh 2012
Trial Available: Yes
( ** Time Sensitive: $7 Trial Currently Available – CLICK HERE ** )
Creator: Mike Long & Kelly Felix
Product Type: Membership – One Time Payment (Core) .
Membership Options – Core and Full Disclosure

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have already heard of this earn money online membership. If you haven’t, then read my full Bring the Fresh review. For those that simply want to read what new and previous customers have to say about the program and get access to this membership $7 (limited time), you can do that by clicking here and checking out their WSO (Warrior Forum Special Offer).  

Today I want to talk to you about Bring the Fresh 2012 which still has Kelly Felix and Mike Long at the helm and it also has some nice new ‘whizz-bang’ graphics and salesletter.

That’s nice but ‘what’s new’ in the 2012 facelifted version“, you may be asking yourself?

Well, to answer that question, the simple answer is that Bring the Fresh 2012 is an evolution of the foundations that were already in place. More training videos and strategies have been added to the members area as well as a lot more pearls of wisdom and success stories in the members forum.

They have a Fast Start Guide which is updated frequently, so you can get up and running in the shortest time possible and they also have 3 new videos in their ’1-Article-to-Rule-Them-All” bonus area which shows you Mike Long creating an article from scratch in the make-money-online market.

Does BTF work Post-Panda?

As you may know, Google often rolls out updates to its algorithm and this is done frequently. When a really big update happens, they give it a name. In this instance, the latest one was called “Panda”. Bring the Fresh 2012 focuses on giving the top search engines what they want, which is good content so it does still work. There’s this guy called Greg who used to work in a casino that has now made nearly $900,000 since he started less than a year ago. Are you still wondering if it works?

Previously it cost $97 to join Bring the Fresh, but during this promotional ‘re-launch’ phase of this membership you can get access to a trial for $7 with only a further $37 one-time payment after the trial period, meaning you pay a grand total of $44 to get aboard. It seems pretty good value doesn’t it, but it’s only available for a limited time and I don’t know when they are going to pull the offer and put the price back up.

Click Here to Access Bring The Fresh 2012 for $7

As I mentioned earlier in this report, there’s a guy in the forum that has nearly made $900,000 since he joined Bring the Fresh. In the forum you can read his success story and how he did it. I can tell you that if you want to replicate his success, while you may not make 900k, you can certainly dissect what he’s doing and go down the same track. Hint: There are plenty of ‘well-heeled’ clients out there if you know where to look.

It’s not just one guy making a killing with this membership though. There’s another guy who made over $100,000 the other month and countless other success stories. Kelly Felix has made millions on the net and contributes to the forum very frequently. On last count I think he’s just over the 2,600 post level now. Think you can learn a few things from an online millionaire in that forum? That alone has got to be worth a few bucks of anyone’s money, hasn’t it.

Still Core and Full Disclosure?

Yes, the membership program is still core and full disclosure with both of them being available for a short time at $7 for a 7 day trial. Obviously you get access to a lot more advanced training and materials with Full Disclosure. Cost for both is $7 for 7 day trial access (full) with $37 payable (one-time payment) after 7 days on Core membership. Full Disclosure costs $7 for the 7 day trial with $66 payable for 6 months. If you aren’t sure which is best for you, go for the Core membership and upgrade to Full Disclosure when funds allow and you feel you would benefit from the more advanced materials in Bring the Fresh 2012.  

Click Here to Access Bring The Fresh 2012 for $7

I’m not going to write a big BTF review here, if you want to read that just check out my report and video on this site as it tells you everything you need to know and what you can expect to get out of a membership to Bring the Fresh 2012.

The Pros

  • Bring the Fresh teaches you how to put together profitable affiliate sites that don’t require tons of ongoing work or maintenance. The money that you earn from them will be from free organic traffic.
  • Updated on a frequent basis so none of the material inside the members area gets stale or outdated. 
  • Fast Start Guide and Affiliate Marketing Videos allows you to get up and running with your first sites quickly, without getting bogged down with ‘too much’ learning before you get to take action and start making commissions.
  • In Bring the Fresh 2012 there are fresh videos added that reveal new techniques and strategies for making money online.
  • Kelly Felix (one of the founders of BTF) posts in the forum regularly. This is a major plus and he’s made over 2,600 posts already (learn from him!).
  • Well Established Forum – Unlike some forums, the successful members tend to stick around and contribute, making this a ‘go-to’ resource for useful tips and information.
  • Training Videos allow you to “look over the shoulder” and see exactly how to put together a profitable website step-by-step.
  • With two levels of membership (core and Full Disclosure) you can start out with the Core membership, then when you are ready, upgrade to Full Disclosure for even more advanced training and materials.

The Cons

  • You still need to build websites, which means you’ll need to work and go through a small learning curve before you see results. It shouldn’t take too long for you to start making money though ( I made my first sale within 2 weeks ). Once you have got to grips with the system you can outsource most of the tasks or continue to do them yourself.
  • Some of the videos are a little longer than they perhaps need to be. This is because some of them are recorded ‘on the fly’ so you are seeing Mike/Kelly do things in real-time, which conversely does have the added benefit of ensuring you don’t miss anything along the way.
  • Upgrading to Full Disclosure is optional but it does require additional investment. Think of it as an investment in your internet marketing business and education. You can always upgrade to Full Disclosure membership when you feel you are ready and as funds allow.   
  • This is primarily a membership for people that want to build profitable websites that make money through generating affiliate sales. If you want to create your own product then I recommend you check out Michael Cheneys Millionaire Warrior Coaching program (or get on the waiting list if it’s currently closed).

Case Study: My First Site Made Over $400 Already (2 Hours Work )

I do have a cool little update for you though. In my previous report I mentioned a site I built that made its first sale pretty quickly. Well, since then it’s carried on cranking out sales on a pretty consistent basis. Not bad for a quick test site I threw together in a couple of hours or so. The last sale it made was about 3 days ago. See proof of earnings below.

$407 Earnings from 1 Site

Bring the Fresh 2012 Review – Summary

A lot of marketers will tell you something works, but not many of them actually test out products, memberships or services. That’s why I went in and tested it out, so I could give it a thumbs up or a thumbs down. You deserve to know the truth otherwise you just end up chasing your tail. Bring the Fresh does work if you take action, it’s as simple as that.

At this point you can keep looking for shiny objects, pay thousands out for courses and redline your finances or you can make a commitment to yourself and pay out a really nominal sum to finally start earning money online. All I can do is highlight what works and leave you to make a decision.  

Click Here to Access Bring The Fresh 2012 for $7

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2 Responses to Bring The Fresh 2012 Review – The Biggest Ever WSO?

  1. anna says:

    hi, does it involve creating articles for your site because im no good in it. Also, do they have upsell?

    • Dean says:

      Hi Anna, you will need to create content as part of the Bring the Fresh 2012 system, but if you don’t want to write your own articles you can always outsource that part of your online business relatively inexpensively.

      With regard to upsells, there is an option to upgrade to Full Disclosure membership for more advanced training materials and videos, but that’s for members that want access to everything that BTF 2012 has to offer. You can always join as a core member and upgrade to Full Disclosure membership as funds allow. Indeed, there is nothing to say anyone has to upgrade to FD status. You could just stick with core membership, it’s down to personal choice.