Niche Reaper Review, Matt Garrett

Product Reviewed: Niche Reaper
Trial Available: No
Creator: Matt Garrett & Gary Prendergast
Product Type: Limited Membership Service – 1000 Spots Available

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Have you ever wished you could abandon traditional keyword research and niche finding tools that are slow and clunky? In this Niche Reaper Review I am going to give you a real insight into how this service works to find gold standard keywords and profitable niches on autopilot. Discover in this detailed report, whether it actually works and who should use it. If you would like to go directly to the website, you can do that by clicking here.

What Is Niche Reaper?

Niche ReaperIt’s a service that has been created by Matt Garrett and Gary Prendergast. Matt is a veteran internet marketer and expert blogger. Gary is the technical guy that ensures all the bits and pieces fit together as they should. Together they form an impressive team with great credentials. Imagine, if you will, a service that does away with the need for desktop keyword tools and niche finding strategies. That is essentially what Niche Reaper does and a whole lot more besides.

This membership service gives you access to a huge database that is being updated every few seconds, with thousands of profitable keywords and niches at your disposal. You can use the data in Niche Reaper to quite literally dominate your chosen markets.

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Who Is This Service For?

Niche Reaper Members AreaIt’s for beginner to intermediate internet marketers that are either frustrated with their results to date when it comes to choosing profitable niches and keywords. It’s for any marketer online that wants access to an ever growing database which automatically identifies these niche and keyword opportunities. If you’re interested in getting competitive rankings, then Niche Reaper can help you do that really fast.

Top 5 Rankings

If you are currently a webmaster, you will already be aware of how important is to get on the first page of the search results for your chosen keywords. This is where the magic happens and where you go from being a poor marketer to one that is making a healthy income online. Unless you are paying for traffic, you need to get a good percentage of it from the major search engines.

Top 5 Rankings

Profitable Keywords

Niche Reaper has an ingenious feature built into it which you can only really appreciate when you are using it, but I’ll do my best to explain here. Once you’ve picked out a keyword you can add it to your favorites and you can also drill down to see the top 5 search engine listings, which is essentially your current competition. Niche Reaper then tells you how many opportunities there are to rank in the top 5.

Allow me to say that again in case you missed it:

“Niche Reaper allows you to see at a glance for any keyword, how many opportunities there are to rank in the top 5 and beat the competition”
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Smart Color Coding System

All the keywords and niches are color coded in the listings within Niche Reaper so you can see which ones are the best to work with. The colors are as follows:

White – These are the keywords which are not really recommended as having high value versus the other variables that are taken into account.

Amber - These are not the very best keywords, but they are still keywords which could have real value.

Green – These are the most powerful niches or keywords that have high value. They are the cream of the crop as identified by Niche Reaper.

This service has a live feed which you can see being updated dynamically every 2-3 seconds when it’s running at full speed. This means a new keyword is dropping into Niche Reaper and being added to the database every few seconds. Talk about awesome! Matt Garrett tells me that between 700 and 1000 keywords ( the Green ones ) are being added every single day.

Niche Finding On Autopilot

Profitable Niches

As well as the valuable keywords which you can rank easily for, Niche Reaper also takes care of identifying the best niche markets as well. This is where the true power of this service becomes very apparent as it also groups together all the keywords identified for each niche, which you can drill down into and display at the click of a button. You can use this data to create websites, pages for the site and even promotional content for your site which targets the best keywords to stomp all over your competition.

Drill Down Into Niches

Actual Customer Feedback

“I can tell you that it is the ultimate answer for finding what Niches to promote.  You don’t have to “look” and “research” anymore.  Niche Reaper does it all for you.”

Portion of review by Mike Johnson over at merchants website.

Niche Reaper Training

In the members area there’s a training video which is just under 15 minutes long. No doubt Matt will be adding more videos to the members area in due course specifically for using Niche Reaper, but I personally found that watching that video alone was enough to get me up and running. It’s really easy to understand and use with a nice, clean layout and interface.

Further Training For Success

In addition, there will also be a series of training videos that show you how to do all sorts of things which will ensure your success as a result of becoming a member of this service. These include setting up a WordPress blog, setting up a Facebook fanpage, getting fans to your fanpages, driving highly targeted traffic to your WordPress blog or site and equally importantly, how to monetize your blog with appropriate offers including Adsense, CPA ads and affiliate products.


* Thousands of profitable niche markets are identified by Niche Reaper automatically and they contain groups of keywords relevant to that niche. This allows you to quickly assess which keywords you want to target in each market.

* You will be able to see at a glance whether the .com, .org or .net (EMD) exact match domain name is available for each keyword.

* The keyword and niche database is being continually updated and added to, so more profitable keywords and niches will be uncovered on a daily basis.

* The color coding system from within Niche Reaper for both keywords and niches, affords you the luxury of only working with the best keywords and discarding the rest.

* Being able to drill down and instantly see the top 5 results together with the opportunities to rank in the top 5 is a great feature which is valuable and time saving.

* If you wanted to, you could use this service and stop using all the other paid keyword research and niche finding tools you may currently be paying for.


* Once you have joined as a member, this is a monthly service so you will need to pay a recurring monthly fee to use and benefit from it. On the plus side, you will have access to a continually growing database of niches and keywords.

* There are only 1000 places available, so not everyone that wants to join this service will be able to get aboard as the membership is effectively capped at this level. The nature of this service means there should be a high retention rate, so if you miss out on your place, you may be waiting a long time before you have the opportunity to join as a member.

Niche Reaper Review – Conclusion

This service solves the headache of working out what niches are profitable and what keywords are worth targeting for your chosen niche(s). Niche Reaper is a powerful system for giving you the data you need to build highly profitable websites that are targeting the right keywords and the right content in order to rank highly and get a lot of organic traffic in the process.

The color coding system is a masterstroke in helping you to visually pick out what you should be targeting and the drill-down feature gives you a birds eye view of where you can take out your competition and rank without having to do too much work in order to do that. Niche Reaper is a great investment for beginner to intermediate marketers that don’t want to spend countless hours doing all of this manually or use outdated and clunky software tools that take ages to generate lists that have any value. As the membership is capped at just 1,000 members, you will be part of a relatively exclusive group of people that have access to this service.

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Dean James

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