About Me

Hey, this is Dean James here and for those of you who are interested, here is a quick overview of who I am and why I created this Internet Marketing Products Black Book site.

Who Is Dean James?

I am a full-time marketer who wants to help other people realize their dreams, whatever they may be. Whether your ambition is to earn a few extra hundred dollars a month to pay bills or go on vacation or to become a full-time marketer yourself, I’ve got your back.

Why Did I Create Internet Marketing Products Black Book?

The answer to this is simple. I got sick and tired of the crappy reviews being put online, with little to no thought about what the product really does or how it helps anyone. Even worse, some people recommending these products have never even used them. This is now your ‘go-to’ resource to check out before you even think about purchasing another internet marketing product.

The internet marketing product reviews on this site are honest, clearly laid out, detailed and designed to give you enough information to make an informed buying decision without the usual garbage you are used to seeing in so many other product reports and reviews online. When I get time I even intend to include videos on some of these products giving you a behind-the-scenes view of what you get when you purchase a product, pay for a service or join a membership site ( as applicable ).

Help Me To Help You

If the product is a good fit for your business, all I ask is that if my review is what encouraged you to purchase a particular product, membership or service, please do me a favor and buy through me, I’m not asking for anything else. Often, to help you, I will include a cool bonus. Likewise, if the product isn’t a good fit for your business and you don’t think it will save you time or money, then equally, don’t buy it. Products by themselves will not make you a fortune, you have to actually use them in your online business.

Wishing you success and prosperity online

Dean James

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