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Video Commission Formula

Product Reviewed: Video Commission Formula
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Creator: Matt Carter & Mark Dickenson
Product Type: Membership – One-Time Payment

Video Commission Formula Review

You already know that video is big, but until now perhaps you have not tried video marketing? Perhaps you have created and uploaded a few videos, but not had the success you had originally hoped for? You know that there are big earnings to be made with the power of video marketing and all you need is the right system to implement what you have learnt for success in this area? Whatever the scenario, you’re in the right place because this Video Commission Formula review is for you so keep reading.

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VCF Members AreaBefore I continue, one thing I would like to point out here is that many reviews of this product you read on the net are by marketers that either haven’t used the product or even worse, they haven’t even seen it. In this review you are getting advice and insight from someone that has gone through the entire course and is giving you first-hand information about the product, so don’t trust the fake reviews by others.

What you are getting here is a warts-and-all account of the product, who it’s for and whether it can and will actually work for you if.

What Is Video Commission Formula?

Video Marketing CourseIt’s a full-blown course which educates you on how to create and market your own videos and capitalize on what you create by generating commissions from selling products or driving traffic to a preferred destination, such as a squeeze page, if you want to build a list in a given niche. Most people reading this will be interested in generating commissons directly from their videos and you will want to know what is needed and also what is involved.

Matt Carter and Mark Dickenson co-created this training course and the teachings are logically set out inside a members area. Later in this Video Commission Formula review I will give you an overview of what is covered in each section, but before I do that I want to tell you that with video marketing you don’t need any of the things you traditionally may expect are needed in order to make money online.

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Here’s What You Don’t Need

  • You don’t need a website
  • You don’t need webhosting
  • You don’t even need a domain name
  • You don’t need to create webpages
  • You don’t need a blog
  • You don’t need previous experience in marketing online

As you can see, the costs involved in marketing products using this course are minimal.

Who Is This Training Course For?It’s for anyone that wants to make more money online or drive more leads to their website as a result of leveraging video marketing in an intelligent and strategic way. This isn’t about randomly creating videos and “hoping” you will make money online. Video Commission Formula is exactly that. A formula that you follow from scratch to make and market your videos for maximum impact and revenue without working like a crazed person in order to start seeing commissions come in.

It’s for action-takers that understand you will need to do some work and get videos out there. It’s for people who are willing to do things the smart way and target the right markets and where the traffic already exists, then capitalize on that by creating a video and giving the market what it already wants. It’s for people who want passive income coming in from the videos they have created as a result of following this training course.

It’s also a step-by-step “from scratch” course, which assumes no previous knowledge or experience so it’s suitable for beginners and anyone that wants to learn more about video marketing for profit. Let’s be 100% clear here, this course is about making money with videos, not how to create fun videos to share with your family and friends on Facebook, however nice that is.

What’s Covered In Video Commission Formula?

The teachings in this course are predominantly video-based so it’s simply a case of watching “over the shoulder” of Mark Dickenson and Matt Carter in each video and then taking action by implementing what they have just taught you. That is what I love about the Video Commission Formula course, because it’s a case of watching how you do it on video and then going out and taking action with your new-found knowledge. This ensures you won’t get stuck at some part in the course or wonder what on earth you should be doing. 

Both Matt and Mark are clear and easy to follow in their video tutorials. The course itself is laid out as follows in this order:

Introduction - This is self explanatory. It’s basically a welcome video by Matt Carter introducing you to Video Commision Formula and setting the stage for what is to follow.

Keyword Research – In this part of the course you are taught how to choose the right keywords for your videos and how to analyze them for competition. Hint: This is where you find out which keywords are suitable for ‘easy’ rankings.

Niche Research – This part of the course is an absolute goldmine. Not only does it reveal numerous different types of marketplaces you can find products and niches for your videos, it also shows you how to actually find products in those ‘money’ niches. A product called Niche Reaper also automatically finds profitable keyword and niches for you which can be a real time-saver.

Video Creation - In this section you are shown how to create your videos from scratch using FREE tools. Don’t worry if you don’t like putting your own voice to videos, because Mark Dickenson shows you how to get around that easily.

Traffic – Okay, so at this point you have your video created but you also need another special ingredient. Namely traffic! In this part of Video Commission Formula you are given all the training you need to drive targeted traffic to those videos which equals money.

SEO – Here you are shown how to do simple SEO to your videos to ensure the best possible chance of competitive rankings and also how to upload your videos so that they are live.

Assessment – Matt Carter takes you through what you need to do in order assess your videos and make any necessary adjustments. You will also learn how to scale your video marketing operation.

Resources - This is a rolodex of recommended resources that are covered in the course itself. 

“Video Commission Formula is a step-by-step training course which shows you how to create and market simple videos in order to earn money online remarkably fast. Everything is covered from niche selection to traffic generation so that all you have to worry about is creating
more videos to increase your online commissions”

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  • Easy to follow video course which shows you how to create videos and market them effectively for income.
  • Don’t need to create your own website or spend months waiting for rankings.
  • Great way to test out markets without having to spend a ton of money on advertising or content creation.
  • Mark takes you behind the scenes to show you real-world examples of successful videos.
  • Fast way to get traffic and commissions coming in.
  • Videos are quick and easy to produce. Realistically you can make a video in 15-30 minutes (or less) and have it live.


  • You will still need to promote your videos and inevitably you will either have to allocate a small budget for that or do the promotion manually using free resources until such time that you can re-invest into your online business.
  • With videos you don’t actually own an asset you directly control, which isn’t a problem unless you want to sell that entity at a later date.

Video Commission Formula Review – Conclusion

Mark Dickenson and Matt Carter have created what I consider to be a fantastic course for anyone that wants to start making and marketing videos online. It covers everything from choosing keyword and niches, to video creation and driving traffic to them in order to achieve top rankings and passive income. It can also be used as a lead generation mechanism if you want to build a list. Their training videos in the course are clear, concise and the information is easy to digest, with none of the videos being too long or difficult to understand ( I grasped them all in one sitting ).

Personally I consider videos to be a fun and easy way to market products online, so if you feel the same way or you think it’s something you would enjoy, I highly recommend Video Commission Formula as a training course that you will get a lot out of. It also requires much less investment in terms of time and financial overhead to make videos. If you’re a beginner or even a marketer that wants to add video marketing to their online strategy, this course is a worthwhile addition to your internet marketing education. You’ll also make money with it when you put the teachings into practice.

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Please note: The following bonuses are designed to actually help you succeed with the product. I am not going to give you a bunch of ebooks or PLR materials you will never use. I want you to focus on this product and make money with your videos.

Bonus #1

Video Critique – I’ll personally critique your FIRST video when you’ve uploaded it and made it live. I’ll give it the once over to make sure you’re on the right track and not making any fundamental mistakes that could hinder your chances of success. Value: $197

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Social Bookmarking Campaign - 50 social bookmarking link package to your first video. I only have 5 of these packages available. Value: $47

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