Claiming Bonuses

For every single report I create on a product, there will be a bonus. Yes, even if I’m not offering a specific bonus in a product review, you will STILL get a bonus for purchasing through my website. I like to reward you for taking action and only purchasing products which you feel will help you succeed in your online business. All you need to do to contact me in order to claim your bonus is to follow these steps:

Follow These Steps To Claim Your Bonus

Step #1: Clear the cookies on your computer.

Step #2: Purchase the product or service via any of the links in the product report on this site.

Step #3: Go to this sites Contact page by clicking here and enter the name of the product in the subject line followed by the words ‘Bonus Request’. In the body, copy and paste your purchase receipt. Enter your name and email address and hit the ‘Send’ button.

Step #4: I will then verify your purchase and contact you personally with your Bonus within 24 hours in most cases. Please be patient as I have a lot of daily requests and sometimes I do take the odd day off. I’m sure you do too ;-)

Important: Please make sure you include your purchase receipt and name of product when you request your bonus otherwise I won’t be able to verify that you have purchased the product via this website.


Dean James

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